Best Smokeless Indoor Grills of 2019 – Reviews & Top Picks


Smokeless grills are the best way to cook inside your home while grilling. Today there are so many best smokeless grills available in the market for indoor grilling. As of today most of the grills which claimed to be smoke-free are infrared and they have drip fans instead of dripping fall directly on hot elements.

Finding the best smokeless indoor grill and matching your budget is not an easy task and for that, you need to read so many reviews on Amazon. Most of the indoor grills use smoke extractor technology which sucks the smoke and extracted through an advanced fan system, greatly reducing the amount of smoke that comes out.

We have read 100’s of smokeless grill reviews while selecting our top 5 picks so that you don’t need to do the hassle of selecting. Every grill mentioned below are throughly reviewed and with that, we have also included in-depth buying guide which will help you How to pick the best grill with no-smoke.

Comparison of Our Fav Picks

Philips HD6371/94

Philips HD6371/94
(Top Pick)

Check Price

15.6 lbs

Simple Living SLP-SG-001

Simple Living SLP-SG-001

Check Price

13.3 lbs

Power Smokeless Grill

Power Smokeless Grill

Check Price

17.2 lbs

Gotham Steel 1619

Gotham Steel 1619
(Best Value for Money)

Check Price

5.7 lbs

Philips Avance

Philips Advance

Check Price

17 lbs


5 Best Smokeless Indoor Grills 2019 – Reviews

1. Philips HD6371/94 Indoor Smokeless Grill – Top Pick

Phillips is one of the best brands in electronic items that everyone trusts. Philips HD6371 is the best smokeless grill on the market that has special reflectors that direct heat towards the cooking grid through infrared technology to give you well cooked and tasty foods.

It is so small that you can put in on kitchen counter and big enough to cook enough food for 3-4 people.

When using this indoor grill having infrared technology, you won’t need to adjust the heat because it heats consistently at 446° F which is the optimum temperature for preparing and searing meat, chicken and fish. As a result, your meat remains tender and juicy all the time.

Although it is completely smoke-free & cooks pretty well, but didn’t give the grill marks on meat like any regular bbq.

While Cleaning it took us less than 5 minutes. We were able to clean it using a wet cloth or place it in a dishwasher. It is very easy to set up. You just need to preheat it for 6 minutes, make sure you don’t place it under any counter as it heats up very high, so keep it in open.

In order to boost stability, it comes with non-slip feet which keeps it in one place. This is hands down the best grill with no smoke.


  • Easy to clean
  • Takes less than a minute to set up
  • Constant heat
  • Advanced patented design minimizes side splattering


  • Pricey

2. Simple Living SLP-SG-001 Smoke-less Indoor Grill – Runner-Up

Simple Living is the brand that has products only in kitchen category so you can definitely trust this brand. It is in close competion to Phillips HD6371 that why it’s our 2nd choice.

It contains a nonstick surface which heats uniformly to provide delicious and browned foods. You can cook anything without using any oil. it will leave deep grill marks on your food making it more juicer inside.

Another thing is that it heats quickly up to 446 degrees and it is able to maintain the temperature throughout the cooking. This indoor smokeless grill is easy to use for us and it sits perfectly on our countertop making our work easier while cooking.  

Cleaning the unit is very easy because it features a removable grease collector for excess oils. As a result, you won’t need to waste a lot of time scrapping the residue oils from the grill.

In addition, it is made of stainless steel material which is easy to clean in a dishwasher. An easy to use manual is also included to guide you on how to prepare different meals using the unit.


  •  Simple and very convenient
  • Advanced infrared technology
  • Doesn’t take up much spade
  • Removable drip tray


  • No temperature control options

3. Power Smoke-less Indoor Grill – Best with Adjustable Heat

Power Smokeless Grill has a large cooking area of 13.8 X 8 Inches which means that you can rely on it to prepare enough meals for your family. The unit is made of heavy-duty cast aluminum to make it durable.

It comes with removable parts to make your work easier when cleaning. The non-stick surface enables delicate foods to remain together. On top of that, it features a flat grill surface which you can easily interchange with a griddle surface when cooking pancakes, eggs or grilled cheese.

A drip tray for catching excess fats is also included for easier cleaning. In order to make your work easier when adjusting temperature heat, it comes with a LED smart temperature control function. Lastly, it uses a turbo-speed smoke extractor technology, which removes hot and smoky air.


  • Nonstick grilling surface
  • Drip tray for easier cleaning
  • Easily regulate the temperatures


  • Doesn’t cook evenly
  • 60-Day MoneyBack Guarantee

4. Gotham Steel 1619 Smokeless Electric Grill – Best for the Money

This one is among the most affordable and functional indoor smokeless grills you can ever find. The most notable thing is the easy to use temperature dial which features 4 settings. These settings include; warm, high, medium and low heat.

Apart from that, it comes with a heated grilling grate that allows oils and fats to drip into the pan for healthy eating. The fats and oils are then cooled to prevent smoke from being formed.

Another thing is that it is made of a ti-ceramic material. This material is not sticky and it is also resistant to scratches. The combination also enables it to last for many years.

We also loved the pull apart design which makes it easy to store. It has a cooking area has a measurement of 18 X 13 Inches.


  • Dishwasher safe
  • Value for Money
  • Temperature dial is easy to use


  • Uneven heat distribution
  • Takes long time to cook

5. Philips Avance

This is our 2nd Phillips grill and there is a strong reason we ranked it last. The unit is very powerful since it cooks at a maximum power of 1600 watts.

Non-slip feet are also added to boost stability. In terms of cleaning, you can easily wipe it using a damp cloth which means that you won’t require a lot of time. Again, you can easily rinse it in a dishwasher without any problems.

You won’t need to keep adjusting the heat because it heats quickly to a maximum of 446 degrees. To prevent smoke, a cool drip tray is located below the grill.

The drip tray also collects excess oils and fats to ensure that the foods you are preparing are good for your health. Setting it up is a breeze and you won’t even need a minute to set it up.


  • Easy to clean
  • Non-slip feet
  • Maximum power of up to 1600 watts


  • Limited warranty of 90 days only

Buying Guide

When shopping for a smoke-free indoor grill, what you need to be aware of is that these units don’t function the same. They also come with different features and their prices also varies. Below are some of the things you should check before buying.

Cooking Area

One of the reasons that make indoor grills to be very popular is due to their compact size. However, irrespective of the small size, a good grill should have enough cooking surface which will allow you to prepare different types of foods. You also need to consider the size of your family to ensure that you have picked a unit that can prepare enough foods for the family.

Temperature control

Ensure that you can easily control the temperatures of the smokeless indoor grill before purchasing. Grills with low temperature may not give you foods with the best texture.  Look for one that is powerful enough and one that can cook food with a maximum power of 1500 watts.

Ease of cleaning

Some grills is made of materials which makes them hard to clean. The best indoor grills should have a non-stick surface. Such a grill will be effortless to clean because you can easily remove stains from such grills.

If possible, look for a grill with removable grates or those that come with trays which collect excess oils and fats. This feature is very important especially if you are searching for a unit you can use to prepare raw meats.

Frequently Asked Questions

a) How do you clean a smokeless grill?

Cleaning the smokeless grills are very easy if they are made of a non-stick material. This means that you can easily wipe them using a wet cloth. Again, they are dishwasher safe which makes them easy to clean.

b)   Are smokeless grills really smoke-free?

Not all indoor grills are 100% smokeless. Some of the grills on the market are advertised as smokeless but that’s not the case. To be on the safe side, you need to look for one that has a drip tray. The work of this tray is to trap the oils and fats and later cools them to prevent smoke.


It is difficult to pick the right smokeless grill to match your need. We hope our reviews and buying guide has helped you in selecting the best choice. To remind you our no. 1 pick is Phillips HD6371 because it has brand trust and customer service Phillips provides. It has a small size with enough space to cook for a good number of people.

The Gotham Steel 1619 is the best grill for the money being fit in a budget for anyone who has never tried a smokeless grill. It is also made of non-sticky material with bigger space for cooking and lightest of all.

However, ensure that the grill you will pick must contain all the important features such as a drip tray, temperature control, easy of cleaning among others to ensure that it will give you the best performance. Any of the smokeless grill your pick for a barbeque we have reviewed will give you the best results.

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