Best Kamado Grills of 2019- Reviews and Top Picks

Finding the best kamado grill and matching your budget is not an easy task. It’s a new type of grill which most people haven’t used before. So it may be challenging for you to pick the right option. Well before that, you must know all the details about it, if you don’t know. Keep reading!

What is a Kamado Grill?

cooking pizza on kamado

Kamado is just any other type of grill and we’re talking about ceramic, egg shapes big grill. It’s a Japanese meaning word stove. They are made of thick-walled ceramic which retain heat and control airflow very well. It’s has a long history (and a Wikipedia page!)

We’ve got the best options for you because in this article we will discuss the kamado smokers which are worth your money. Previously most of the kamado grills are coming with 18” grate size which was small of a full rack of ribs or larger piece of meat. But now most ceramic grill companies make the standard size or bigger like Weber and they are pricey. They are all-in-one units because they are perfect for baking, smoking, and grilling. We have read 100’s of kamado grill reviews while selecting our top 6 picks so that you don’t need to do hard work.

Comparison of our Top Picks

KamadoJoe KJ23RHC

KamadoJoe KJ23RHC
(Top Pick)

Check Price

188 lbs

Char-Griller E16620

Char-Griller E16620

Check Price

90 lbs

Char-Griller E06614 AKORN Jr

Char-Griller E06614 AKORN Jr
(Best Value for Money)

Check Price

37 lbs

Pit Boss 71220

Pit Boss 71220

Check Price

178.6 lbs

Primo 778

Primo 778

Check Price

200 lbs

Grill Dome Infinity Series

Grill Dome Infinity Series

Check Price

280 lbs


6 Best Kamado Grills 2019 – Reviews

1. KamadoJoe KJ23RHC Classic II Grill

Kamadojoe KJ23RHC is absolutely an exceptional choice for anyone in need of a kamado grill who only likes the best. It is a bit pricey and this means that it is only suitable for those who don’t mind spending a few bucks for a long lasting and a top-notch grill.

You can open the Grill using just 2 fingers with its lid assist mechanism and moreover the lid will stay where you wants.

We loved it is made of thick-walled and heat resistant ceramic material that locks moisture and smoke at any temperature. This material is so strong that it can withstand harsh climatic conditions since it is rustproof. It also has a six-multi panel AMP firebox which protects it from breaking.

The Kontrol tower top helps to maintain a consistent air setting and this promotes good airflow within the unit. In addition, it comes with a powerful and lightweight airlift hinge which allows you to close and open the lid easily.  

For easier heat and temperature control, a large easy to read thermometer is also included. We also found out that it has a wire mesh fiberglass gasket which offers a strong smoke retaining seal.

It has a removable ashtray which is a great feature in any grill, with those side tables. Its hardware is made of stainless steel which gives us confidence that it will last long for years. It comes with Lifetime Warranty on Ceramic Parts and 5 Year on metal parts.

You will not regret buying this grill for sure.


  • Comes with all the accessories need for cooking
  • Quality Construction
  • Removable Ash Tray
  • Lightweight Air lift hinge
  • Large dial temp gauge


  • Slight heavy
  • Pricey

2. Char-Griller E16620 Akorn Kamado Grill

Char-griller E16620 has a total surface area 447 square inches which are enough for preparing healthy meals for a bigger group. The kind of flavor imparted by cooking over charcoal can not be matched on a gas grill. The incredible efficiency of this grill let is grill for 3-4 times a week.

Since it has an insulated design, it is able to retain more heat which means that you won’t need a lot of charcoal. This is proof that it is among the most economical kamado grills you can find today.

In terms of heat retention, you will be impressed to note that it is able to maintain temperatures of 200-700 degrees. This means that you can choose suitable temperatures when preparing different types of foods to get the best taste.

As part of the design, additional side shelves are also included to provide space where you can keep different items. Its body is made of 22-gauge steel while the cooking surface is made of an iron cast material. The external part is coated with steel powder while the internal part has porcelain coated steel to enhance durability.

The cart is made of tubular steel and the 8 front wheels are made from sturdy rubber to make them durable. Additionally, the wall has triple insulation for maximum heat retention. For easier cleaning, a dump ash pan is also included. Also, note that you can easily adjust the top and bottom dampers. It gives the 1-year warranty only.


  • Large Cooking Area
  • Easy temperature control
  • Folding side shelves
  • Highly portable
  • Removable warming rack


  • Takes Time to heat
  • Finish is not Perfect

3. Char-Griller E06614 AKORN Jr – Best Kamado Grill for The Money

If you are searching for a kamado cooker that’s in the budget, Char-Griller E06614 will be a great choice. It has a primary cooking area of 153 square inches and it cooks uniformly to enhance the flavor of your food with temperatures ranges from 200°- 700° F.

Top and bottom air dampers are also included for easy temperature control. It is the lightest option on our top 6. This makes it an ideal choice for those in need of a high-quality kamado-style grill they can use for different outdoor activities such as camping and tailgating. In order to make it easy to carry, it has convenient and comfortable handles.  

Another thing we loved about it is the fact that you won’t need to use a lot of charcoal since it holds heat like any other kamado. Other features include a triple wall, hinged locking lid, and heat gauge.

For easy cleaning, it has an easy to remove dump ash pan. It also boasts a durable steel construction which means that it will last for many years. It has a warranty of 5 years.


  • Most Lightest & Portable
  • Fuel efficient
  • Cast-iron grates
  • Easy clean-up
  • Quick to Heat and Easy Temp Control


  • Not the good finish
  • Less Cooking Area

4. Pit Boss 71220 Kamado Grill

Pit Boss 71220 is another durable grill you can find today. It is made of a heavy-duty ceramic body and also comes with sturdy sides shelves which are made of Bamboo. These bamboo shelves give it an outstanding and stylish appearance and it looks great in your compound. These shelves are easy to fold to create space when they are not in use. Additionally, they provide enough space for preparing and serving foods.

For uniform heat distribution, it comes with dual tier cooking grates which allow it to provide evenly cooked foods. It also features a cast iron tamper for controlling the flow of air and the temperature.

You can easily check the temperatures through the large easy-read thermometer. If you need extra cooking space may be when you want to prepare different meals at the same time, you can use the two-tiered stainless steel grates.

It is designed for anyone who needs a kamado grill with a large cooking area of 567 square inches. It may be a bit bulky to carry but it features springs and wooden handles that allow you to carry it easily. It also features a shock absorber and a fireproof felt edge which protects the lid. All we can say is that Pit Boss 71220 is an all in one charcoal cooker which allows you to prepare all types of meals the way you want.


  • Enough Grilling Area
  • 2 Tier Cooking Surface
  • Large, easy to read thermometer 
  • Cast Iron Calibrated Damper
  • Folding Side Shelves


  • Hinge is not good our #1 Pick
  • Cheap thermometer
  • Ceramic is not high quality

5. Primo 778 Extra-Large Kamado Grill

The most notable thing about this Made in USA grill is the 20 years warranty. Even without digging deeper into the features, you can easily tell that it is a top quality product. With some hard lump charcoal, it is ready to cook in 10 minutes.

To start with, it is made of a high-quality ceramic to boost durability and reliability.  Due to its unique oval design, it provides more versatile and flexible grilling as compared to other models. It also has a large surface area of 400 square inches and up to 680 square inches when you use rack extensions.

The exterior part is made of a premium grade ceramic which is combined with a protective lead coating. A scratch-resistant porcelain glaze is also added to enhance durability. We sear the steak at 600 degrees and smoke a Boston butt at 200 degrees.

Other features include easy lift hinge lock system, easy to clean porcelain cooking grid, cast-iron chimney vent, user manual, recipe book, and a soft-close felt gasket.

The temp cause is good but not the best so you can use a digital thermometer for serious smoking that monitor the meat temperature.


  • Easy to Clean
  • Made in USA
  • Lifetime warranty with 20 years guarantee


  • Expensive
  • Heavy

6. Grill Dome Infinity Series

The most notable thing about this Kamado smoker is the unique Featherlite hinge system which enables you to lift the lid easily. It is purely designed for those who are searching for a long-lasting kamado style grill since it is made of a 304 stainless steel which is free from rusting.

We find it difficult to carry this, first due to it doesn’t come with a stand and other it is the heaviest grill. It’s base stand will cost you another $50.

Also, it is not made of high-quality ceramic which can break easily. Although the company offers a lifertime warranty but their support its worst.

With this kamado cooker, you can prepare your meals using different temperatures which range from 225°F – 750°F. A patented temperature gauge is also included to ensure that you are using the correct temperatures.

We were also surprised to find that it uses terapex ceramics which retains more heat as compared to other materials. As a result, you won’t need a lot of charcoal when cooking. Additionally, it has a fire-ring and firebox design for even heat dispersion.

The other thing is that it allows you to control the smoke using the adjustable knob at the top.  It has a dial door which provides consistent air flow through the enumerated door design. The walls have a thickness of 1.25 inches for maximum heat retention.


  • Rustproof 304 stainless steel material
  • Heat Retention
  • Lifetime Warranty


  • No Stand
  • Most Heavy
  • Bad Customer Service

Buying Guide

Finding the top pick is not easy especially if you have never used a kamado grill before. If you are searching for a unit that won’t disappoint you, below are some of the key things you should check.


You should not invest in the unit before checking the materials. Most of the Komodos are made of stainless steel while others are made of ceramic. The good thing about ceramic is that it has better heat retention than stainless steel and it doesn’t rust.


They are available in different sizes. An average Komodo has a lesser cooking area of 150 square inches as compared to the charcoal or gas barbeque grills. If you are searching for a unit that can serve your extended family, you will need a large one with an area of 300-500 square inches. However, if you do not have a large family, then you should go for a small unit.

Ability to withstand environmental elements

Since most of the ceramic grills are meant to be used outside, you need to look for a strong unit that can withstand even harsh climatic conditions. A good kamado should be rustproof and should also have a cover to prevent water from getting inside.


This is among the primary factors that can guide you on the quality of the kamado. You do not need a unit that will fail to function after some time and in case that happens, you need to have an assurance that you can get it fixed at no additional costs or even get a replacement. Since Ceramic grills are a bit expensive, the best unit should have a lifetime warranty or a warranty that is not less than 5 years. This will give you an assurance that you have invested in a quality product.


It is important to set a budget and then look for a reliable product that is within that price range. If you are searching for the best option in ceramic grill, you should never go for a cheap product. Most of them are made of low-quality materials and may not last. They may also lack some of the key features you may need when grilling. Replacing a low-quality unit every now and then will cost you a lot of money than you would have used to buy a high-end model that will last for many decades.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Why are ceramic aka kamado grills better?

The best thing about the ceramic grill is that they are made of reliable materials that allow them to retain more heat as compared to the traditional grills. Apart from that, they are very economical since they don’t consume a lot of charcoal. You will also find that they are more versatile and have a large cooking area than other types of grills.

Why are kamado grills so expensive?

They are a bit expensive as they are made of high-quality materials. They also have a larger cooking area and are also versatile as compared to the regular grills. This means that they provide a better performance and are more reliable than ordinary gas and charcoal grills.


We hope that now you have a clear picture of what kamado style grills are and why they are great. In a nutshell, we can say that they are more versatile than conventional grills or ovens. Their prices tend to be a bit higher because they are made of high-quality materials and have a better heat distribution as compared to other types of grills.

Problems come when you are searching for the best kamado grill especially in a world where every model claims to be the best. We understand this and that’s why We recommend you KamadoJoe KJ23RHC with awesome features like quality material, lifetime warranty and include all accessories. If you are a beginners & don’t want to spend the big amount, we’ve got the one in budget and quality option Char-Griller E06614 AKORN Jr. All the reviews of kamado grills we featured are of highly vetted products.