Best Cast Iron Hibachi Grills – Reviews & Top Picks

What is a Hibachi Grill?

Grilling on my hibachi

A Hibachi Grill is nothing just a small stove used for cooking heated by charcoal. It’s a traditional Japanse way for cooking but now used in North America as well. They have a compact design which makes them suitable for those with small families or those who don’t need a big unit. Don’t underrate them due to their small size because a high-quality hibachi can do almost everything a larger model can do.

You don’t need to worry about hazardous liquid gas or flames since they use charcoal. Their compact size makes them an ideal choice for home use or different outdoor activities such as camping and hiking.

Depending on your budget and cooking demands, finding the best hibachi grill on the market is not easy but we have done the hard work for you and reviewed our top 5 picks. We have also featured an in-depth buying guide with pros, cons of each product. If you don’t find one of your choice, check out our wider selection of Hibachi Grills on Amazon.

Comparison Table of Our Fav Picks

Lodge L410

Lodge L410
(Top Pick)

Check Price

30 lbs

Marsh Allen 30052AMZ

Marsh Allen 30052AMZ

Check Price

18 lbs

Bruntmor Pre-Seasoned

Bruntmor Pre-Seasoned
(Best Value for Money)

Check Price

30.2 lbs

Cajun Classic Gl10447

Cajun Classic Gl10447

Check Price

41 lbs


5 Best Hibachi Grills – Reviews

1. Lodge L410 Cast-Iron Hibachi Grill – Top Pick

Lodge Sportsman’s Grill (Made in the USA) provides unbeatable performance when compared to others hence selected as our top pick. You can use this for patio or backyard barbeque. The cooking space is perfect, not too big, not too small, & best to grill enough burgers and steaks for a small group of 3-4 people.

We tried this on our camping trip and it just took us 5 minutes to put it together. We used it to cook hamburger, steaks, and hot dog buns. The food was cooked very well and even. It uses a small amount of charcoal.

It is among the most preferred small hibachi grills you can find today. You can use it for camping or home use as well and can place sauce, frying pans on it,

Don’t forget to spray it with Pam or canola oil before and after the use, it will make it long lasting. Your health matters a lot when it comes to cooking and what we loved about this hibachi-style grill is that it doesn’t have synthetic coating or chemicals.

This gives you peace of mind that foods prepared using this grill are healthy and full of flavor. Lastly, it comes with a flip-down door which allows you to add charcoal easily. The grate has two height adjustments, and that’s not a bad thing either.

The only thing we didn’t like about this product is that while grilling, food can slide off easily although it’s not a big deal.


  • Even and Long Time Heating
  • Temp Adjustment is easy
  • Enough Cooking Space for 3-4 people
  • Durable & Easy to Carry
  • Takes 5 minutes to to Assemble


  • Need to Keep it Oiled before and After use

2. Marsh Allen 30052AMZ Hibachi Grill- Runner-Up

Marsh Allen 30052AMZ is not as good as our no. 1 pick hence its a runner-up. As per the reviews we read on Amazon and tested by ourselves, the grill works great. Most of the parts of this grill are made of cast iron which shows that it is definitely good quality except grill handles.

We didn’t like the handles as it bends easily. They don’t feel like made of good material and may not last long. Like the Lodge L410, you need to spray it with canola oil before and after use to prevent rust and make it long lasting.

This grill also uses less charcoal. As it has 3 levels so just put it on one layer and when the coals are ready, spread it. Make sure to not spread near the handles, otherwise it will transfer the heat and chances of handles getting cracked.

The cooking area is 157 sq inch and which is not so big but enough for 2-3 people. It is compact and perfect for small bbq meals.

The grates can easily be adjusted in three levels and this means that you can easily reduce or increase the distance between the charcoal and the grates according to your requirements.

In addition, it has 2 air intakes whereby one is located at the bottom and the other one at the top. The two air intakes help to maximize temperatures and also reduce the heating time. To keep the food in one place when cooking, the sides of the grid have a curved design.


  • Easy to use & assemble
  • 3 Levels to Cook
  • Use Less Charcoal
  • Sturdy & Lightest


  • Handles are not good

3. Bruntmor Pre-Seasoned Hibachi BBQ Grill – Best Value for Money

One of the major selling points of this grill is that it provides nearly the same features like Quick and Even heating, enough for 2-3 People but comes in half the price of Lodge and Marsh Allen. Those who have small families will love it due to its small and compact size. In terms of stability, you will find that it has a durable design and a secure base. We’ve cooked chicken, burgers or sausages and loved the food it grilled.

In terms of heat retention, it does an amazing job as compared to others.  You will not need to replace it anytime soon since it is made of the quality and long lasting materials. Again, cleaning the unit is a breeze since you can easily do so using mild soap.

This hibachi style grill will give you an excellent grilling experience whether you want to prepare vegetables, seafood, meat or any other types of food.

One thing we didn’t like is they don’t have removeable ashtray so it is difficult to dump the ash while it’s still hot. But that problem is still not big as they have the door for ventilation and to move and add coals.

Also, like every other cast iron grill, you need to keep oiling it to save it from rust.


  • Quality Cast iron
  • Doesn’t require a lot of charcoal
  • Heats quickly
  • Long lasting


  • No removable ash tray 

4. Cajun Classic Gl10447

We’ve added Cajun GL10447 in our top 5 picks due to its larger grill surface only. If you are someone looking for a grill with 15-inch width then you need to buy only this. But don’t buy this until you read the full review.

Although it is also considered as a small hibachi grill but compared to our other options this has the largest grilling area. You can grill various foods for 4-5 people at once. We also tried to add charcoal while grilling and it works. Also, it heats quickly in 5 minutes hence you can use it almost immediately.

If you may not know this grill is made in China and that shows the imperfections on it. The cast iron material used in to make this grill is slightly inferior to Lodge L410. The Ash door is poorly designed and falls out often.

This is the heaviest of all the options we have mentioned.  Unlike other grills, this one has very few parts which allow you to assemble it within minutes.


  • Large Grill Area
  • Heats Quickly under 5 minutes
  • Portable


  • Heavy than others
  • Expensive than other options

Buying Guide

For you to choose a high-quality hibachi grill, we have compiled a list of the most important things you should check.


You will find that hibachi grills are made using different materials such as cast iron, stainless steel, and aluminum. If you are searching for a portable grill you can use for outdoor activities such as camping, aluminum grills will be the best because they are lightweight.

On the other hand, stainless materials are more durable than other materials but it is not the best in terms of heat distribution.

Those who are searching for the best grill that is durable and one with an excellent heat distribution should only think of cast iron grills.

These grills are the most preferred even if they are a bit heavy. They also rust easily but you can prevent this by seasoning the unit every time after use.


Hibachi grills are available in different prices to suit those with different budgets. In general, they are not as expensive as other types of grills which make them a perfect option for those who are searching for cheap options.

However, avoid the temptations of buying the unit just because it is affordable. Some are made of cheap materials and may not last. The best hibachi charcoal grills may be a bit expensive due to their advanced features and high-quality materials. Irrespective of the price, you need to ensure that the grill is made of top quality materials and will serve its intended purpose.


Due to the materials, some hibachi grills may not be easy to maintain. Some of them rust easily while others are not easy to clean. When buying, you need to consider those two factors. The good thing about cast iron gas grill is that they are very easy to maintain. To prevent rusting, you will only need to season them after every use.


We only picked those that are affordable, portable, easy to maintain and those that are made of premium materials. If you are still not sure which one you should pick, you can click the links we have included in the hibachi grill reviews above to see what customers are saying about the units.

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