The Boardwalk Bar & Grill was an 8,000 square foot restaurant, tastefully designed with rich wood and leather panelling tinged with traditional liscaner stone. Classic and affluent American style finishes with an Irish touch.

Today we are a place for bbq lovers and aim to provide the best barbeque recipes, buying guide to buy the various type of grills so that you can make your own grill food.

I  have a passion for food, the hospitality industry and all the finer touches that accompany it. Now I decided to help people finding the best products.

We offer the following,

  • Which kind of grill would be best for you, electric, gas or maybe traditional ( objective reviews ).
  • What kind of smoker is best for you and how to smoke meat.
  • Tips, recipes and many useful information from the BBQ world.
  • And most important, a community in which we will help each other.